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Our studio is located in the heart of the industrial area of southern Tel Aviv. This community of up and coming young artists and local workshops creates a new dynamic which in turn infuses creative freedom  that enables us to design and create unique items for our customers.  

We realized our dream of building our own design studio. Our venture quickly grew and our clients include a variety of businesses, from small private clients to large corporations, with a range of mesmerizing installations.  

We love innovation and greatly enjoy working with an eclectic customer base.

Our mission is to create unique yet well designed environments for people living and working within these spaces; workplaces that infuse a sense of belonging, of nurturing creativity, and of confidence to be able to answer the needs and requirements of their customers.

Creating new ways in which to view space, environment and the world around us is our greatest pleasure.
Our work is multi-dimensional, interactive, graphic and functional and we believe full client cooperation is key and crucial to the success of creating a unique experience.

You are invited to contact us for any questions, further information and recommendations.

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n+o studio 

Alfasi 3 Tel Aviv, Israel.


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