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REE - 2022

Sculptures that incorporates REE's  EV parts is a unique and interesting piece of art that combines the beauty of traditional sculpture with the mechanical movement of motors. the addition of wings adds life to the sculptures, suggesting movement of flight and what the EV company wants to achive. 


Our sculptures are a testament to the beauty that can emerge from the discarded remnants of the automotive world. Using mechanical, unused parts from a car manufacturer, We breathe new life into these materials, transforming them into mesmerizing robotic insects and birds with intricate, metallic wings. These creations are not just art; they are a statement on green energy and sustainability. Each piece represents a harmonious fusion of technology and nature, echoing the potential for renewable energy and the importance of repurposing resources in our quest for a more environmentally conscious future. These sculptures, with their steely grace and sustainable message, serve as a reminder that innovation and artistry can coexist, inspiring us to embrace a greener tomorrow.

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