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Keysight Kinetik Sketch.png

Keysight- 2022

The kinetic wave sculpture gracefully ripples and undulates, capturing the ephemeral beauty of radio waves as it dances and shifts in a mesmerizing display of fluid motion.


Imagine a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture adorning the entrance of a cutting-edge tech company, seamlessly blending artistry with innovation. This captivating installation is powered by a single, silent electric motor, orchestrating an intricate dance of strings that ripple through the space, creating dynamic waves of movement. As visitors approach, they are greeted by the harmonious convergence of technology and aesthetics, symbolizing the company's commitment to creativity and progress. The sculpture's fluid motions evoke a sense of unity and interconnectedness, reflecting the collaborative spirit within the organization. This kinetic piece not only serves as a visually stunning focal point but also encapsulates the essence of the company's forward-thinking ethos. As the strings gracefully dance and sway, they mirror the dynamic energy and constant evolution that define the tech industry, inviting all who enter to experience the intersection of art and innovation.

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