Things just got serious with Playtika's technologies department, the place where anything can happen. This project led us to dealing with a whole new challenge of combining the art of gaming with the sophisticated and progressive aesthetics of Hi-Tech.




X-Ray Cheetah Same as the Cheetah, Playtika's acceleration can also leave most competitors in the dust. This X-Ray Cheetah is a symbolic gesture made of multiple aluminium layers. Led lights are shining from the back of the cheetah, giving it an invincible futuristic X-Ray look.










No more low battery mode with this stationary wireless charging pad, designed as a robotic cheetah. This pad is able to charge multiple smartphones at the same time.



Interactive wooden rail tracks,

leading sponge balls from side to side. As a ball hits a certain spot,

it activates a lighting system which reveals the word "Technologies".

Since everyone needs to stretch their legs from time to time, the Wall Ball is the perfect excuse to get up from your chair and start rolling.



PCB Wall, wallpaper designed as a motherboard, combining 3D light fixtures and acoustic tiles.






Vortex A futuristic light fixture made with laser cut plastic and led lights. The vortex creates a distinguished mixture of lines and colours like a captivating turbulence.


Junk food Apps, Burger, Tacos, Pizza & Hot dog apps made with layers of aluminium, with powder coated colours.

Hall of Fame It's time to show respect for Playtika's top designers. This mini "museum" exhibits framed pictures and a huge wall mural of Playtika's all-star characters.

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