Pirate Kings is a game app where players are pirates who conquer exotic islands in quest of gold, artifacts and revenge. We took over the Pirate Kings office and turned it into an island surrounded by pirates.




pirate kings








An island design floor print. Take off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes








A wall to wall pirate design wallpaper containing the game's graphics, located at the office entrance.

That's one small step for man,

one giant leap inside the app.


The most valuable artifact on this island is the Piñata. From the app to the office, this 3D feature is hanging from the ceiling and giving the space around it a sense of true game renaissance. The Piñata is hand built and consists of 140 coloured mirror parts, attached to an asymmetric chassis.

A wall spinner containing rewards from the Pirate Kings game. Whilst in the app a player spins it to earn some pirate cash, in the office you might earn a supplementary income.

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