The HR office is an everyday reminder that there are living and breathing people behind the screens. This is the place where potential workers get their impressions from. More than 65% of the people agree that the space in which they’re interviewed in would have an impact on whether or not they would accept a job offer. Since we don’t want to see any good candidate goes, we've created a captivating space full of lights and colours that screams out: This is the place to be!



human resources department


PIXEL TUBE DESK The first thing you'll see once you step inside the office is the illuminating Pixel Desk. It is a versatile front desk consists of 480 pixel tubes. With an admin controller, any note worthy event or a remarkable achievement could be shown to anyone coming across.


The Ever-growing APPWALL Playtika is a rapid growing company with new games adding all the time. With awe and reverence, the ever-growing app wall is presenting Playtika's game apps while leaving room for games still to come. The games are shown in wooden illuminating boxes with rear patterns.


INFINITY SPOT, This is the candidates waiting spot and like a typical black hole, this space too creates an extremely intense cosmic atmosphere from which nothing and no one can escape. Looking up, you'll see a digital tiles ceiling with an infinite repetition of the word "Play".

There really are infinite ways to play.


Human Resources Sign The respect for this department is so huge, that its sign could not have been any less big and lively. The sign is made of wood and synthetic plantation.

Aluminium Veggies Hand painted and hand dyed aluminium veggies. Custom made for the HR cafeteria.

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